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Bhamster – a resident of Bellingham, Washington.

Granola – short for “Crunchy Granola;” characterized by or defining oneself by ecological awareness, liberal political views, and support or use of natural products and health foods.

Bhamster Granola – Only slightly pejorative, mostly endearing; a term for the simultaneously slightly yuppy and slightly hippie 30-somethings who reside in Bellingham, WA; Prone to long walks on the Interurban Trail or Clayton Beach with their dogs and/or infants in ethically manufactured baby slings (sometimes carrying either the dog and/or infants in said sling); Bhamster Granolas are also known for prolific Instagram profiles with beautiful pictures of the PNW in and around “Belling-home,” and they also showcase Drone and/or GoPro action shots of bouldering whilst nursing, and/or nursing whilst building chicken coups with reclaimed hardware procured from the REStore. These are all good things… But also stereotypical of “Bhamster Granola.” Not to be confused with an episode of “Portlandia,” but very close.

(Please feel free to submit your addition to the Bhamster Granola definition. Have fun with it.)

Hi. You asked me to move our adventures in “Buy Nothing in Bellingham; A journey to Zero Waste” to a blog format. I’m going to try that here. Please be kind. This is all exploratory. We will make mistakes. We are learning.

I chose the name Bhamster Granola on a whim. Don’t look too deep into it. I love Bham, and I consider myself a member of the Bhamster Granola crowd. Not a Queen hippie, by far. And less yuppy than others. We all have a common ground of loving our little town of Bellingham, and hopefully, our journey will help compile all the resources we have into a place we can easily share with each other. And laugh. If you do anything, please share the joy and laughter you find here.