Every year I have a tradition of drafting out my New Year Resolution and Goals. It’s pretty fun to review these goals and see how they evolve over the years. This last December, we found mine from 2010 and it was a good laugh to see my naivety in some, and how well I’ve accomplished others, and now understand why some never came to fruition. But we’ve carried this over into a family tradition now, and hopefully, my kiddo will pick up something meaningful from watching parents… what are we doing… trying? Yes. We’re trying.

This year, 2017, is the year of “Buy Nothing” and that very quickly also included a “Journey to Zero Waste.” I’ll write some posts on what those terms mean for me, for our family. I’ve had a lot of interest from friends who want to know more, and I was asked to blog this journey. I hesitated to do this… it kinda smells like narcissism, or an invasion of privacy, and possibly even work. I don’t like those things. But a friend pointed out I was already sharing a lot on other social media forums, so why not put it here. So I did. Everything is exploratory, right?

I hope this blog will help others. Or at least gives someone a good laugh. Even if it’s just me in 7 years re-reading this like my long forgotten resolution. I’m not an expert. I’m just… trying. Happy to have you along on the journey.